A Short Introduction

My name is Matt Carver. I grew up on a dairy farm near Tulsa, Oklahoma. When you spend most of your teenage years mowing hay, chasing cows, and building fences, you get an almost-unlimited time to ponder on what vocation appeals to you. I liked drawing cars. I had stacks of auto drawings that I just knew would catch GM’s eye and someday make production. This idea of being a designer of the ubiquitous American vehicle, perhaps coming up with a revolutionary new idea in transportation – it fascinated me. Sadly, that dream never touched down, but graphic design was a close cousin. It involved drawing, creativity, brainstorming…things I consider myself decent at.

Young Matt Carver

I’m the little one about to be eaten by a cow.

After graduation and a two year internship at a publishing company in New York, I headed back home to join the working class. Since then, my career has expanded into avenues of service that I would have never considered: event marketing, fundraising, and non-profit management, in addition to my work as a creative director and graphic designer. I have met wonderful people, and have been a part of fantastic teams who have accomplished great things. It has been a pleasure to be a designer, a director, and an owner of my own business.

When no one is looking, I still draw cars.

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When Away from the Computer

When I am not in front of my computer, you will probably find me outside. I love mountain biking. There will probably be a camera in my backpack, and it will get used. If the bike is in the shop, or it’s a soggy day out, it’s time to put on the running shoes and do some trail running. I’m OK with running on asphalt, but it’s not my forte.

Travel is my latest obsession. I recently spent six weeks on a trip around the world, a first for me. Along the route, I learned many things about myself, people in general, and this earth that we are on. It was truly an inspiring experience. I would love to go to South America or Africa.


Career Highlights

Creative/Marketing Director
River Parks Authority (RPA), OKC ONE Nonprofit Award Finalist, 2014


 Dramatically improved RPA outreach by utilizing web, email, and social media

  • Generated successful “Find Yourself at River Parks” campaign that prompted an increase of 500,000 visitors over four years (25% increase)
  • Created and updated 21 concurrent social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram streams, for eight major events, entities, and fundraisers
  • Responsible for creation of “Support River Parks” campaign (2012-2014), which led to significant funding improvements
    • $350,000,000 George Kaiser Family Foundation donation in 2014
    • Created online giving channels, increasing 2013 RPA public funding by 7%
    • Created all online communications, marketing, on-site signage, and print materials for Wild Turkey, a high-end outdoor fundraising gala providing 25% of RPA annual revenue in 2010 and 2012

Developed RPA fundraiser/event marketing, communications, websites, and signage

  • Campaigned for and subsequently coordinated all River Parks efforts related to attracting/hosting Warrior Dash, The Color Run, and other large-scale events (2011-2014), boosting RPA revenue by 3% and contributing $1,000,000+ to economy
  • Responsible for marketing for 100+ ancillary River Parks events
  • Led sensitive communication efforts during public relation crises, including Least Tern endangered species preservation efforts, significant organizational changes, and Turkey Mountain development situations
  • Created all online communications, marketing, mobile apps, on-site signage, and print materials for several regionally/nationally significant events, including:
    • Tulsa Oktoberfest, named a “Top 10 Fall Festival” by USA Today, nationally featured by NBC, CBS, and ABC in 2012, and recipient of first-ever multi-year title sponsor.
    • The Full Moon Run, named OK’s Best 5k Event in 2013 & 2014

Managed all marketing for preservation and user base growth of Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area (nationally-recognized and awarded 400 acre green space area)

  • Created Turkey MTN identity, website, and marketing approaches, leading to ten-fold increase in visitor numbers in four years
  • Developed new Turkey MTN volunteer program with 1,000+ volunteers for long-term planning, focus testing, and coordinated quarterly volunteer days

Composed and scheduled communications for databases of 4,000+ personnel annually at RPA

  • Tulsa Oktoberfest – 5 days, 50+ departments, 200+ shifts, 2,000+ volunteers
  • The Color Run – Volunteer Coordinator, 300+ personnel and volunteers
  • OKScotfest – 3 days, 300+ volunteers

Placed and tracked success of advertisements in print publications, Google Adwords, Facebook, and local media utilizing Google Analytics, Facebook metrics, and custom methodology

Created monthly video and PowerPoint updates for RPA Board of Trustees and government officials, successfully raising interest and sponsor support for upcoming RPA events

Graphic Designer/Web Developer
Brookside Studios,, and DataCom, Inc.


Developed 200+ web concepts for businesses, events, and nonprofits

Certified for Google Adwords and other marketing platforms

Outlined marketing strategies for 75+ local and international clients

Created all web and print marketing for Falcon Rods, an international fishing company

  • Created and updated Magento-based e-commerce website with 1,000+ products
  • Designed yearly print catalog with 1,000 product listings
  • Successfully marketed Falcon Rods to appeal to larger suppliers

Created entire corporate identity and product line-up for DataCom, Inc., leading to attraction of first multi-million dollar client in 2006