Any person involved in advertising or design should at least dabble in photography. After all, images are one of the crucial building blocks of modern creativity.

There is a gulf between photographers and designers. One creates, the other modifies the creation. This naturally generates the unfortunate potential for a vacuum of communication. The photographer is not precisely informed of what content is needed, and the designer is unable to define exactly what kind of content would fulfill their requirements. Therefore, you’ll often see designers taking up the mantle of photographing their own materials for production. I have no issues with this; in fact, working knowledge of how to set up, light, frame, and edit photographs are skills that carry through the entire design process.



  • Principal on-site photographer for world-class events and locations, including Tulsa Oktoberfest, The Full Moon Run, River Parks, and Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness
  • Outdoor product photographer for Falcon Rods, a high-end fishing products manufacturer
  • Award-winning photographs featured in local media, most recently in 2014 “This is Tulsa” campaign
  • Volunteered to lead outdoor photography classes in cooperation with local organizations in 2013