Creating a thing that will be set in stone (or paper) is one of the more enjoyable challenges for designers. There is no room for error, but holding one’s work in hand is reward in full.

One of my first design jobs involved a brochure print job for an oil/gas company. Imagine my joy in seeing thousands of brochures that I had helped make come through the front door! However, my heart dropped seconds later – I had forgotten a crucial “the” several paragraphs in.

I learned a hard lesson that day: Proofread everything. Even if the client sends you the final content. Even if everyone signs off on it. Even if it comes from the president of the company. Proofread. Everything. That was my first, and possibly most important, discovery as a print designer.



  • Designed hundreds of print pieces and was liaison between River Parks organization and local/online print shops, including brochures, booklets, business cards, flyers, info sheets, fundraising materials, event pamphlets, and more.
  • Created all print materials over a three-year span for Falcon Rods, a leading manufacturer of carbon fiber fishing rods headquartered in the United States. This included the Falcon Rods yearly catalog, which featured over 1,000 products and specification listings.
  • Designed print pieces for over 75 organizations as a designer at Brookside Studios and while freelancing, including flyers, catalogs, business cards, fundraising mailers, and more.