Creating a thing that fully captures the attention of an audience is something special, indeed.

I have a passion for video production. Canon was my system of choice originally, but I have found Sony’s Alpha line of products to be increasingly competent. A smaller, less obtrusive camera is a definite advantage when filming raw video at events and public places. Those unrehearsed moments are something precious. The subsequent sorting through hours of video for a few precious seconds feels less like work, and more akin to a treasure hunt. Did I mention that I love video production?



  • Filmed and compiled monthly videos for River Parks board and personnel over a four year period, with the intent of educating and promoting park activities.
  • Filmed and edited 120+ hours of video at festivals and events, for use in advertising, social media content, and documentation of event and personnel protocol.
  • Served as spokesperson for four events &┬ápark areas, and was featured on local news outlets in each respective case
  • Filmed and edited videos on an accelerated schedule for meetings with government officials and private organizations, often with less than 24 hours development time.
  • Utilized a variety of recording devices, including Canon DSLRs, Sony Alphas, GoPros, quadcopters, and microphones to gather footage.