Rewind a decade ago: a younger version of myself was attempting to piece together HTML and tables (remember when we used those for everything?) into something resembling a website.

It was relatively common for our salespersons to find organizations without significant, or any, web presence. The fast-paced progression of web technologies over the last ten years is a testimony to how new ideas and concepts are still shaping this medium. Products considered to be beta technology in 2005 now form the backbone of our online experiences.



  • Designed 250+ web layouts for local and international clients at Brookside Studios
  • Worked with multiple web and CMS technologies, primarily WordPress and Joomla
  • Installed and maintained Magento-based commerce sites for several clients with 1,000+ listed products
  • Utilized Constant Contact and Mailchimp to deliver over 50,000 emails to homegrown lists of donors, sponsors, volunteers, and staff members
  • Utilized Google Analytics on a portfolio of¬†websites and multiple email campaigns to track engagement